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A Convostation with Rob Boutilier and Alberta Cree Nation Councillor Shay Yellowbird

March 9, 2021

Samson Cree Nation, located in Treaty 6 Territory of Alberta. Councillor Shay Yellowbird was removed from his office on August 10th after being elected just thirteen days prior. A by-election was then held on the 18th which Yellowbird was promptly disallowed from participating in. However, a judge in a federal court has now quashed that dismissal in turn.


"Even though the Board found no evidence of any corrupt practice [to justify Yellowbird's removal], it invalidated [his] election and called a new election in which he was not allowed to run," reads the ruling. "There is no evidence upon which the Board could have reached such a conclusion. Therefore, the Board's decision must be quashed and Mr. Yellowbird must be reinstated as a councillor."

Original Content via The Buffalo Tribune

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